Kingdom Hearts

Back in 2002 a video game was released that confused Anime fans like nothing before. If you had to sum up the game to your past self look no further than the following 4 points:

  • Characters from different Final Fantasy games get to finally meet BUT Mickey Mouse is there too.
  • You get to fight Cloud Strife in real time combat BUT your hitting him with a key
  • You get to fly across space in a rocket equipped rockets, from Disney story to Disney story
  • You will literally complain into your adulthood about wanting more.

Kingdom Hearts has developed one of the biggest cult followings in both Anime and video game history. With a (final!) confirmation on Kingdom Hearts 3 this year, we at Hobby Zone are excited to see the Kingdom Hearts return to the centre stage of cosplay where it belongs.

Get Kingdom Hearts Cosplay Keyblades at Fantastic Prices

Everyone had their favourite keyblade, whether it be the original kingdom key, the powerful oblivion blade from Hollow Bastion, the sentimental oathkeeper from Kairi or the Halloween town inspired Pumpkin Key

Complete Your Kingdom Hearts Cosplay from Australia's Biggest Cosplay Store

We offer a range of Kingdom Hearts Keyblades to choose from, including convention friendly foam weapons to the amazing photo shoot ready stainless steel key-blades.

Speaking of photoshoots! Feel free to send us a photo of your keyblade in action to our social media channels and we will re-share it to help grow your following!

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