Touken Ranbu Online Tsurumaru Kuninaga Tachi Sword
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    Touken Ranbu Online Tsurumaru Kuninaga Tachi Sword

    • Barcode:
    Overall Length 104cm
    Blade Length 69cm
    Blade Width 2.8cm
    Blade Material Carbon Steel
    Blade Edge 4mm; Blunt
    Handle Length 28cm
    Handle Hard Wood
    Fitting Zinc Alloy
    Scabbard Hard Wood; Painted Gloss Finish
    Accessories Golden Embroideries and Artificial Pearls



    Tsurumaru Kuninaga is a personified sword character in Touken Ranbu Online. His owner was Sadayasu of the Adachi Clan during the Kamakura period, who was drawn into the political rivalry between his clan of samurai and the regent of Shogunate, Hojo Sadatoki (which resulted in the Shimotsuki Incident). Because of the Shimotsuki Incident his owner was killed by Hojo Sadatoki, who was 14. Tsurumaru was supposed to sleep in his owner's grave but Hojo Sadatoki desired this beautiful sword and he dug him out of Sadayasu's grave to take him.

    Tsurumaru stayed on in the Hojo family, but the Kamakura Shogunate reached its downfall during the reign of Sadatoki's son, Takatoki. Sadatoki's grandson Tokiyuki, the last in line of the Hojo Clan, was killed by Ashikaga Takauji, who formed the new Muromachi Ashikaga Shogunate.

    Tsurumaru went into unknown hands after the extermination of the Hojo Clan until he was presented to Oda Nobunaga, who then passed Tsurumaru to his retainer. As time went by, Tsurumaru was passed around by owners until he was finally placed in a shrine. However, (surprise) Koudeki of the Honami Clan of sword polishers and connoisseurs got enchanted by his beauty and took him from the shrine. The Honami Clan gave Tsurumaru to the Date Clan of Sendai Domain (1716), who later presented Tsurumaru to the Meiji Emperor (1901), and he remains in the Imperial Collection to this day, alongside Ichigo Hitofuri, Uguisumaru and Hirano Toushirou.