Pokemon Eevee Hoodie & Eevee Evolutions

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Pokemon Eevee Hoodie & Eevee Evolutions for Sale

Let's face it. Gary got the better end of the deal when it came to choosing his starter in Pokemon Yellow. With the upcoming Nintendo Switch games you can show that you are a proud member of Team Eevee with your very own Eevee hoodie available at amazing prices at Hobby Zone: New Zealand's biggest anime store.

Our hoodies include Flareon, Vaporeon and Glaceon. How many revolutions does Pikachu have again?

Get amazing prices on Eevee hoodies and hoodies for each of its evolved forms.

Our current stock at Hobby Zone offers:

  • Eevee Hoodies
  • Flareon Hoodies
  • Vaporeon Hoodies
  • Glaceon Hoodies

However, if you are after other hoodies we can take special requests and get them to you at some of the best prices around.


**All measurements are in cm.   
**Measurements may vary +/- 1 - 2cm